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Aster pyrenaeus


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Native to well drained soils of the East and West Pyrenees this beautiful plant is included here due to the similar habit and growing requirements to that of A. amellus. From late summer to mid-autumn masses of single starry flowers cover the sturdy open sprays of these plants. Rising from vigorous yet tight, woody clumps one plant can cover up to a metre of ground. In the garden they work very well when planted with other flowers, for instance a striking combination is made by growing Nerine bowdenii through a clump of the pale ‘Lutetia’. They also have the huge advantage of being low maintenance. They are completely mildew resistant. Staking positively spoils the effect of the plant and division is only required every three years or so. Good winter drainage is necessary, and an alkaline soil will give a better result than those of lower pH.  


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